It’s been several decades, two generations of guitarists and many musical trend-cycles since the Dual Rectifier® first unleashed its crushing wall of gain on audiences around the world. In that time many have mimicked, modeled, dissected and plagiarized it, but it remains firmly planted at the center of heavy music; a Rock icon.

We’re celebrating 50 years of MESA/Boogie® with a limited run custom gold finish for our legendary Dual And Triple Rectifiers. Quantity is extremely limited and when they're gone, they're gone! If you want a rare custom MESA/Boogie® Dual or Triple Rectifier, your time has come!


We at Northeast Music Center Inc. are beyond thrilled to be close with MESA/Boogie and are very happy to announce that we will be one of the US dealers to be carrying the 50th Anniversary Dual AND Triple Rectifiers. We will be posting them as soon as they arrive to our store! Stay tuned for further information!

50th Anniversary