Northeast Music Center at The Electric City Music Conference

Northeast Music Center at The Electric City Music Conference

Posted by Tyler Salak on 5th Sep 2018

The Electric City Music Conference is a 3-day music conference held annually in Scranton, Pennsylvania in September. The Conference is kicked off with the Steamtown Music Awards held at the V-Spot in Scranton where local musicians, artists and performers are nominated in several different categories to award their achievements in the local music scene.

We at Northeast Music Center teamed up with directors of the Electric City Music Conference and Steamtown Music Awards, Joe Caviston and Ken Norton, to set up an all day event of speaking panels and mentoring sessions from industry professionals and experts to educate everyone who is interested in learning more about the wonderful world of the music industry. 

These panels include the following topics and guest speakers:

  • Tech in Music - How technology can allow you to focus on music.
  • Branding - Your band is your business.
  • Keynote - Developing a career in the music and radio industry.
  • Touring - How to survive on the road.

Tech In Music will feature panelists Kristopher B. Jones (co-founder of the Special Guest app) and Ryan Kenton Hertel (touring DJ/owner of Socialocca and Tree Frog) where they will discuss how technology and music go hand in hand and how utilizing the right applications and dedicating your resources to the correct tools is half the battle. The end result is how, when used correctly, their technology platforms can make your band's life easier. As a millennial, this panel is super important to my group of fellow performers because it is taking our largest asset, technology, and applying to our craft to make it the best possible resource we can afford to have.

Branding will feature panelists Keith Perks (photographer and owner of 1120 Creative) Josh Balz, and Erick Droegmoeller where they will discuss how presenting yourself or your band's image can put you in the right eyes of the world and get your image seen. As a business and marketing student I am really looking forward to this one because at the end of the day, music is a business and using proper business practices can save you from a lot of headaches down the road.

Touring will feature panelists Mark Woodbridge, John Phillips, Sean Mott, Joey Lanzillotto, and David McWane, all have lived and are still living the life we all dream of, being in a touring band. Now you get the opportunity to hear about the science behind touring such as, booking the tour, picking the right tour, and surviving life on the road. 

This year's Keynote speaker is none other than Freddie Fabbri, a local radio personality and former manager of Breaking Benjamin. Freddie has been involved in the music and radio industry for many years. His presentation will call upon special guests, live experiences, and data to discuss the ever-changing landscape of music and radio. 

As a local musician myself, I could not think of a better opportunity to get as much information pumped into me from people who eat, sleep and breathe the music industry than this one. In the world of big box stores and online exclusive retail, the option to network with others this particular way isn't always available. That's why when we were given the chance to host this awesome event, we took the opportunity and ran with it. If you too are a musician and you choose not to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to network with these individuals, you henceforth forfeit the right to every say that you 'never got the right opportunity.' This is literally a huge opportunity placed on your lap. So make yourself some time on September 15th to get up to Northeast Music Center to learn as much as possible from these industry professionals.

For the Electric City Music Conference we are also offering to local musicians and performers a 10% off discount on the gear that they need (some manufacturer restrictions apply) with proof of their set or performance time. It is our way of helping out the local music scene get the gear they need quickly for this awesome weekend approaching.

For more information on The Electric City Music Conference and The Steamtown Music Awards, visit the event's website or Facebook page.