Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

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Product Description

The Boss Waza Tube amp expander is designed to help you get your tube amp sounding the best that it ever has. Many guitarists are familar with turning up thier volume and truly opening up their tube amp on stage. their rig sounds and feels best when it’s dialed up loud. But while you may love it, the resulting sound level is usually just too intense for most practical purposes. In short, The Waza Tube expander allows you to achieve that Cranked Tube Amp feel at any volume. 


  • Front Panel 

    • Resonance - Z

    • Presence - Z

      • These 2 controls are part of "Reactive Load". The reactive load is a load that, as seen by the tube amp, behaves like an actual speaker. In order to obtain optimal sound from a variety of tube amps, this unit lets you adjust the impedance of the reactive load. Both of these controls provide direct access to 16 different impedance curves, allowing you to choose the best interaction with any tube amp up to 150 watts. A variety of options are available, which represent classic cabs loaded with different speaker types. In addition to providing the tone and feel you’re used to with your amp, this variety also lets you explore the effect of speaker types and configurations you wouldn’t normally use. Suggested settings are right on top of the Waza Tube Amp Expander, so it’s easy to dial things in quickly.

    • Speaker out

      • The level of signal being sent to your speaker 

    • FX Loop Button

      • Switches the Effects Loop on and off

    • Effects 

      • The Waza Tube Amp Expander has built in Compression and Delay that are turned on and off with this button

    • Solo/EQ

      • Turns on/off your Equalizer. By raising the volume of your EQ using the dedicated software, it can also double as a Solo boost. 

    • Amp CTL

      • Switches the Tube Amp's Channel 

    • Input/Signal Peak indicator 

      • This LED Light will illuminate Green when signal is received, and red when the signal level is excessive. 

    • Rig Selection

      • With the "Rig" selection, you can recall up to 10 different settings that you have saved. You can save your settings with the adjacent "Write" Button. 

    • Reverb 

      • Controls the Reverb Depth 

    • Line out

      • Controls the output volume of your Line Out L/R Jacks 

    • Phones 

      • Controls the output volume of your Headphone Jack

    • Power Switch

      • Turns the unit on or off. The switch is accompanied by a LED light that lights Blue when on. When Overhead protection operates, it will flash yellow or red. 

  • Rear Panel 

    • To Speaker A & B

      • Connect speakers. OUT A and OUT B are connected in parallel. If you connect to both OUT A and OUT B, ensure that the total impedance is 4 Ω or higher. For example, if an 8 Ω speaker is connected to each of the OUT A/B jacks, the total impedance will be 4 Ω. * If you don’t need to connect a speaker, it is not a problem to leave these jacks unconnected. * For a combo amp with the speaker and amp in a single unit, disconnect the speaker cable that is connected to the amp, and connect it to this unit’s TO SPEAKER OUT A or B jack. If the speaker cable is not long enough to reach this unit. 

    • From Tube Amp 

      • Connect the tube amp’s speaker output here. You can connect a tube amp whose output is up to 150 W. If the tube amp has multiple speaker outputs, connect only this unit. If a speaker is also connected in addition to this unit, the tube amp might malfunction. * Do not connect any equipment other than a tube amp. Doing so may cause this unit or the connected device to malfunction. This Jack has an OHM Selection Switch, Set this to match the output impedance of the tube amp that’s connected. For a 2Ω tube amp, set this to 4 Ω. * Before changing the setting of the impedance switch, you must power-off the tube amp!

      • Input Level Switch - Set this to match the output wattage of the connected tube amp. If the tube amp’s output wattage is between 10 W, 50 W, and 100 W, for example if it is 20 W, input sound with either the 10 W or the 50 W setting, and use the setting for which the front panel INPUT SIG/PEAK indicator does not light red.

    • Phones out

    • Line out

      • Mono (FOH)

      • Right

      • Left

    • FX Loop

      • Here you can connect a footswitch (sold separately: FS-6, FS-7, or FS-5L) and use it to turn the external effect loop (FX LOOP) on/off. 

    • GA-FC 

      • Here you can connect a GA-FC (sold separately) and use it to switch RIGs or turn effects on/off. For details, refer to “Using the Foot Control Function” (p. 8).

    • MIDI Thru/out

      • Connect an external MIDI device here. For detail refer to “Connecting with an External MIDI Device” (p. 10).

    • Midi In

    • USB

      • Use a USB cable to connect to a computer and exchange audio/ MIDI data between the WAZA Tube Amp Expander and the computer. For detail refer to “Connecting to a Computer” (p. 10).

    • FX Loop

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