What is the Wood Library? 


Tucked away upstairs in a corner of PRS' 85,000 square foot factory are racks of extraordinary wood. Maple, mahogany, korina, rosewood, swamp ash, you name it. Dozens of species of timber hanging out in this area they call the “Wood Library.”

The Wood Library program is in a way similar to the Private Stock program in that it is an elaborate menu-based program for the PRS Core line of guitars designed to give dealers the opportunity to build special runs for their store and customer base. The common misconception is that the quality of the wood in the wood library is unique. That’s not the case; the wood library is graded on the same scale in which they grade their other woods: Core, 10-top, Artist Package, Private Stock.

What is unique however, are the combinations of wood dealers can place together when ordering a run of wood library instruments. Let’s give an example, take for instance the Custom 24 model, it comes stock with a mahogany back, maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard. A dealer ordering a Wood Library Custom 24 run now has the option of swapping that mahogany back for korina, or swamp ash, or anything else offered inside the wood library. Or instead of swapping the Custom 24’s standard mahogany back they may choose to swap the mahogany neck for maple, or rosewood.

It may seem complicated, but the Wood Library is simple, it enables dealers to swap some of the materials in the core guitars.

Northeast Music Center owner Jack Gretz has been a dealer for PRS Guitars for 25 years and during that time period, he was instrumental in starting the PRS Private Stock program along with Paul, Doug, Jim, and a small team of Private Stock builders. He applies that same knowledge and experience to Wood Library run, where we essentially do the same thing but a slightly smaller option pallet.



Check out an example of the "picking process" from one of our trips to the PRS Factory. 





Wood Library

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