About Us

"It seems so simple: Just make your customers happy! In fact it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen - but not everyone is willing to make that effort. I have been surprised that so many customers will go to great lengths to be treated poorly. Why would anyone want to spend hard earned money on a product only to have an over zealous sales person try to sell them something that they do not really need? When you buy a guitar "new" it should be NEW, It should not be new with 50 different people scratching it and dinging it up like some of the big box stores. When you buy a new guitar or amp from us at Northeast Music Center it will be new. PRS Guitars, Tom Anderson Guitars, Martin guitars, Taylor Guitars, Ibanez guitars and Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers, Orange Amplifiers, Marshall Amplifiers are all for sale at competitive matched internet pricing. Each and every guitar will be setup to your liking at no extra charge with your choice of strings. " - Store Owner, Jack Gretz


Store Owner:

Jack Gretz has been deep into the musical instrument retail business for the better side of 27 years, and he is no stranger to change and to adapting to eCommerce and how a business should be ran. Dealing brands such as PRS Guitars and Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers for so long, he prides himself in knowing every last detail about what companies are doing with new and old products and even helping innovate new products to be the best they can be. Aside from being a successful business owner, he is an expert luthier and can handle any repair that is thrown his way. 



Tyler Salak is our 'second in line' behind Jack sales representative. Coming from a background in business and a monstrous love for the guitar and all things associated with it, his passion to put the right guitar into someone's hands is limitless and it shows. Knowledgeable in our line of products, he can help you with anything you need and be sure that it is perfect for you. 



Behind the scenes in the photography room is where you will find our highly skilled and sharp minded in house photographer, Nika Kozuch. Nika's passion for artistic photography shows in her brilliant shots of our products, bringing you a "naked eye" view of our guitars and amplifiers so that you know exactly what it is you are purchasing. Her attention to detail plays a major role in our success. 


Repairs and Services:

Along side of Jack Gretz, our other luthier is none other than Zachary Guy. Zach has over 15 years reconstructing guitars from the ground up and repairing folk style instruments with pristine precision. Aside from working with us at NEMC, Zach has his own business "Born Old Manufacturing & Repair Co." which he takes his talents to building and repairing guitars and other stringed instruments.