Indian rosewood’s rich musical properties have made it one of the most popular tonewoods in the acoustic guitar world. Among Taylor’s several classes of premium rosewood guitars, the 700 Series is the latest to reveal a tonal and aesthetic makeover. The result is a more powerful voice dressed in wood-centric appointment details that showcase an earthy, understated elegance.  

Notable Features:

  • Lutz Spruce Top

    • A hybrid of Sitka and White spruce, Lutz produces a powerful tonal response similar to older Adirondack spruce, giving players a higher volume ceiling

  • Hawaiian Koa Binding with Douglas Fir Edge Trim & Rosette

  • Caramel-hued koa supports the organic visual aesthetic of the series. A matching back strip highlights the bookmatched symmetry of the back panels, While the Douglas fir is arranged in a half-herringbone pattern and framed with maple/black accents

  • Weathered Brown Pickguard

  • The material features heat-treated and burnished fiber derived from wood. The mottled brown hues and matte finish resemble the look of seasoned leather

700 Series

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