Service & Repairs


Instrument Repair

Northeast Music Center offers a wide variety of services for your stringed instruments including:

  • String Changes

  • Tuning

  • Set-Ups & Neck Adjustments

  • Re-Fretting & Fret dressing

  • Damage Repair & Restoration (Cracks, dents, broken headstocks, etc...)

  • Pickup/Electronic repair and replacement

  • Neck Resets

  • Permanent Pickup Installations in Acoustic Instruments

  • Parts replacement

  • & MORE!



Paul Reed Smith PTC


Northeast Music Center is also the only authorized PRS set-up team outside of the PRS Factory itself.


Paul Reed Smith and Jack Gretz Discuss the PTC at Northeast Music Center


C.F. Martin Warranty Repair


Jack Gretz has also been certified by C.F. Martin as a authorized Warranty Repair Center, and can Repair your Martin Guitar under Warranty.




Northeast Music Center is also a partner with Zachary Guy, an experienced luthier..

"I specialize in repair and restoration of new and vintage fretted instruments from electric guitars to acoustic ukuleles and everything in between.zach-guy.jpg

My goal is to make each instrument work to its greatest potential for the individual player, using the experience that comes with setting up thousands of instruments to make you happy with yours.

Bring yourself down to the shop for a free checkup/estimate; most, even if not broken, can improve in both tone and playability with the help of an experienced luthier" -Zach Guy

  • tele: 570.815.5431
  • Zach can also be reached in person every Saturday 11-5.