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Mesa Boogie Amplifiers




Hailing from the “home of tone” in Petaluma, California is none other than Mesa/Boogie! Designed from the ground up by Randall Smith, Mesa/Boogie amplifiers were born out of the desire of players to get more gain structure and volume from their Fender amplifiers. With a challenge at hand, Randall Smith modified a Princeton amplifier with a 12” Speaker and a new gain circuit. He presented the amp to Carlos Santana who said the amp really “Boogies!” And thus, Mesa/Boogie was born. Since getting the Mark series amplifiers getting off the ground, Mesa/Boogie has been 1st in its class for innovating designs and concepts to perfect the tube powered guitar amplifier. With many other era-defining amplifiers such as the Dual Rectifier, Strategy Bass, and Fillmore series amplifiers, Mesa/Boogie amplifiers have led the way for precise and accurate tones that inspired many other boutique builders to adapt and get with the modern innovations that Mesa/Boogie often creates.


There are seven different families of Mesa/Boogie amplifiers. The Mark series is their flagship high gain, big sound in a small package amplifier. Notable users include Carlos Santana, Keith Richards, Prince, Metallica, John Petrucci and Alex Lifeson to name a few. The Mark series is known for its sizzling high gain and shapable Five Band graphic EQ. This is where the noted “Mesa V” came to be when metal groups were scooping the mid-range frequencies from the EQ and getting a very thick and chunky rhythm tone. The Rectifier series was the earth-shaking amplifiers to take over the 90’s and 2000’s rock and metal scene. The Dual and Triple Rectifier amps have been a staple in hard rock and metal ever since and deliver a tight low end and brilliant high gain could handle the low tunings of the era with ease. Groups such as Creed, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Blink-182, Adam Jones of Tool among many others are devout Rectifier users. The California Tweed and Fillmore series amplifiers pay homage to classic clean and edge of breakup tones that defined the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Aptly named for the historic East and West venues that many famous groups like the Allman Brothers Band and Grateful Dead have headlined many times over, the Fillmore series of amplifiers brings a very crisp, clean, and light grit to the Mesa/Boogie amplifier world  that provides players with a clean pedal platform with lots of headroom. The California Tweed series calls back to the classic Tweed tones of the 50’s and 60’s that players like Neil Young made famous. Bringing that “collapsing” gain sound as well as chimey cleans and lush reverb. For Bass players, Mesa/Boogie has perfected their years of innovation with the Subway series of lightweight amplifier heads and speaker cabinets that deliver up to 800 Watts of power in an easy to carry package. Offering cabinet designs of all configurations, Mesa/Boogie knows their players and constantly deliver to their needs at a moment’s notice. Mesa/Boogie amplifiers are all hand built in Petaluma California using the world’s highest quality components.


Northeast Music Center also offers a selection of individual replacement amplifier tubes, front loaded speaker cabinets, and quality effect pedals for signal management.