Darkglass Electronics Element Cab Sim Headphone Amp

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Product Description

The Element is an all-new "headphone amp" pedal from the folks at Darkglass Electronics. This innovative pedal is quite simply the best headphone amp we've come across. Featuring an intuitive no-knob design, the Element uses LED slider potentiometers that give the pedal an appealing look and modern in-hand feel. The Element comes with 5 unique cabinet simulations out of the box, and has the ability for more through the Darkglass Suite. It even comes with Bluetooth built-in so you can easily play to backing tracks, and thanks to a versatile i/O that includes two headphone outputs, an XLR output, and a micro USB C connector, it’s easy to plug into no matter your setup at home. The Element is a truly remarkable pedal in every facet of its design, with responsive, new-age controls, powerful sound, and versatile i/O.

One comprehensive device, that out of the box offers a bank of 5 cabinet simulations, and the ability to change them through the Darkglass Suite, Bluetooth technology to listen to backing tracks while playing, rehearsing, or studying. Two headphone outputs to allow interaction among musicians. XLR output to connect the Element to your audio interface or PA system. With a uniquely innovative approach, the Element provides in one device an immensely practical tool to empower modern musicians.


-Bank of 5 cabinent simulations (Editable via Darkglass Suite)

-Two headphone outputs with independent volume control

-Balanced XLR output for connecting to a preamp, pa system... etc

-Stereo Bluetooth audio playback for backing tracks

-Up to -30db of attenuation to handle up to 900w amplifier input

-Bluetooth and USB connectivity