Ibanez Gio GRG131DX - White

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Product Description

An eye catching look for the Ibanez Gio RG! 

The Gio Series from Ibanez prides itself on providing quality instruments for entry level prices. The GRG131DX's Red pickguard and shark tooth inlays add an eye catching look that any new player will be proud to show off their latest lesson on. 

What makes Gio so great as a start up?

COST- Right out of the gate, the price. Many starting musicians, and/or their parents, are hesitant to spend money on an instrument and risk the potential of giving up on the interest down the road. The low price ensures that this new path won't put a toll on your pockets, and the build quality ensures the new player will not give up due to an instrument that "fights" them. Which brings us tot he next point:

A REAL INSTRUMENT- One of our employees used to work at a department store that sold the toy guitars made from wood screws and plastic. Many were close to $100+, and the return rate on them was staggering. Their build made it difficult to play even by the employees who were seasoned guitarists themselves. Every guitar in the return bin was a child who quit before the end of 90 days. This will absolutely not be the case with the GRG131DX (or anything from the Ibanez Gio Line). Real resonant Tonewoods and electronics assembled in the Ibanez factory will produce an instrument that can hold it's own on stage as well as in your living room. Ibanez' tuners and bridge will also ensure that your guitar won't fall out of tune after a few strokes of the pick.

EASY LEARNING CURVE - Every electric instrument has it's own unique features and controls. Some of the more adventurous builders can pack in some complicated features that can get the best of you if you let them. The GRGs straightforward electronics and controls are easy to understand, while still offering the player room to experiment with their sound.


  • Body

    • Construction - Bolt on 
    • Body Wood - Poplar 

    • Pickguard - Red

  • Neck

    • Frets - 24

    • Scale Length - 25.5"

    • Neck Wood - Maple 

    • Neck Shape - GRG

    • Fretboard Wood - Bound Purpleheart

    • Inlays - Red Sharktooth  

  • Hardware

    • Tuners - Closed Gear 

    • Bridge - Ibanez F106

    • Hardware Type - Black 

  • Electronics

    • Neck Pickup - Infinity R (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic) (Black)

    • Bridge Pickup - Infinity R (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic) (Black)

    • Controls 

      • Volume Knob

      • Tone knob

      • 5-way Blade Pickup Switch