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Service & Repairs

Store Owner Jack Gretz has been repairing and building instruments for 27 years.




Instrument Repair

Northeast Music Center offers a wide variety of services for your stringed instruments including:

  • String Changes

  • Tuning

  • Set-Ups & Neck Adjustments

  • Re-Freting & Fret dressing

  • Damage Repair & Restoration (Cracks, dents, broken headstocks, etc)

  • Pickup/Electronic repair and replacement

  • Neck Resets

  • Permanent Pickup Installations in Acoustic Instruments

  • Parts replacement

  • & MORE!



Paul Reed Smith PTC


Northeast Music Center is also the only authorized PRS set-up team outside of the PRS Factory itself.


Paul Reed Smith and Jack Gretz Discuss the PTC at Northeast Music Center


C.F. Martin Warranty Repair


Jack Gretz has also been certified by C.F. Martin as a authorized Warranty Repair Center, and can Repair your Martin Guitar under Warranty.