EHX Crayon Full Range Overdrive - Black

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Product Description

With thousands of overdrive pedals available to you, you might notice that most of them lean to the treble side in order to cut through accompanying band members. The Crayon offers a rich, warm tone among it's wide range of overdrives. It's a musical alternative to the customary mid-focused Overdrive Pedals.  

A popular question about this pedal is "What's the difference between the black and the white?" and the short answer is nothing. Outside of your choice of pedal artwork,Their circuitry is identical. If you prefer the White Crayon Pedal, Click here! 


  • Features & Specs 

    • Full Range overdrive with a lush, rich tone

    • True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity

    • Compact Pedalboard ready size. 

  • Controls

    • Volume

      • Does exactly what you think it does.

    • Gain

      • The overdrive ranges from just a touch of grit in the fully counter-clockwise position, to classic distortion in the fully clockwise setting. 

    • Bass

      • Turn the Bass knob Clockwise to increase low-end. Turn it Counter Clockwise to reduce it. 

    • Treble

      • Turn the Treble knob clockwise to make your tone brighter. Turn it counter clockwise for a darker, bassier tone. 

  • Connections 

    • 1/4" Instrument Input 

    • 1/4" Output 

    • 9Volt DC input (EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply Not included) 

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