Mesa Boogie SPAX7 Preamp Tube

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Product Description

Don't Settle for Just Any Preamp Replacement Tube!

The Mesa/Boogie SPAX7-A preamp tube makes the ultimate replacement tube for any 12AX7A in your amp. This premium product is considered a "special requirement preamp tube" because of its build quality and performance. The SPAX7-A shows very low sensitivity to microphonic noise — an essential attribute for a preamp tube (especially in high-gain, high-volume amps) in live or studio environments. No matter which tube in your amp's gain stage needs to be replaced, make sure to choose the right tube for the job — Mesa/Boogie's SPAX7-A!
Mesa/Boogie SPAX7-A Premium Replacement Preamp Tube Features:

  • Premium-grade substitute tube

  • Works in all preamp gain-stage positions

  • Ultra-high performance 12AX7 tube

  • Very low sensitivity to microphonic noise

  • Very consistent and reliable

The Mesa/Boogie SPAX7-A replacement preamp tube gives you premium tone and performance!