Marshall MX212AR 160-watt 2x12" Vertical Extension Cabinet

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The MX212A’s vertical 2 x 12″ speaker configuration means that it matches perfectly with the DSL20H ‘small box’ head, making a cool alternative to the more traditional horizontal 2 x 12″ speaker configuration. And with the cabinet being angled, the MX212A delivers excellent sound projection with a pair of Celestion Seventy 80 speakers.


Celestion's Seventy 80 gives you modern British tone with gutsy midrange and plenty of top end punch. Celestions are a staple of modern music. Starting in the 1960s, they helped define generations of guitar tone. The Seventy 80 takes the sound of Celestion's classic original G12M Greenback ceramic speaker to the ultimate level. Characterized by its hefty bottom end, aggressive mids, crisp highs, and robust volume handling, this speaker sounds great no matter what style of music you play. When we're searching for a modern British-flavored on the Northeast Music Center Website, A great choice is the Marshall MX212AR Cabinet with the Seventy 80 12" speakers. 


  • Model - MX212A
  • Weight - 23Kg
  • Dimensions (in mm)
    • W-22"
    • H-30"
    • D-13"
  • Wattage - 160W
  • Inputs - 1
  • Speaker Size - 2x12"
  • Speaker Output Power - 80W Each
  • Speaker Name - Celestion Seventy 80
  • Speaker Impedance - 8Ohm Mono